‘Not to Wear’ Clothes in a Gym

There is actually no hard and fast rule for gym dress up, but what is right and comfortable becomes a need of the hour. You shouldn’t try saving some pennies by wearing anything for gym, as you may emit odour after a bit of sweating or may get embarrassed and uncomfortable due to lose fit clothes. Wearing clothes in Gyms is all about your comfort and sensitivity of your skin.
Best women workout clothes like gym pants and tops are not worn because those guys are fashion victims. They are worn to be in a comfy position to do those really tough treadmills, planks or push ups.
Are you thinking to reduce some oodles of weight in gym, then here are the things you must not wear while working out-
Jewellery –
Yes, your instructor will not allow you to wear rings, chains or any other kind of jewellery except very small ear rings as the earlier kinds may obstruct your workout session while lifting any weight or hopping. Also, there are possibilities of losing your jewellery too.
Loose cloth-
Neither too tight clothes nor too lose clothes should be worn to gym. You skin needs to breathe and too tight clothes may clog the sweat and off course the discomfort associated with tight clothes would not allow you to burn those calories. Whereas you may fall in too lose clothes as it gets harder to do the exertion in gym.
Cotton clothes-
We strictly mention and inform you about the misconception that cotton clothes are best for gym. But the truth is different and vice-a- versa as stink is more likely to develop in cotton clothes as they do not dry- up as early as dry-fit clothes. Moreover cotton doesn’t absorb sweat and becomes completely transparent as well as sticky. You need to wear clothes that absorb your salty body sweat and also that dries up easily.
Regular and stretched out inner wear-
Can you think of a concern that strikes every woman while jumping up and down? Yeah, it is bounce of her upper parts that give awkward feel to every woman in case of not being protected by a tight and better inner wear. Also regular bra too isn’t advisable to wear as they do not support your breasts effectively during gym and could adversely affect your breast tissues.
Likewise, too tight and too loose inner pants also shouldn’t be worn to avoid discomfort while walking. Sweats usually get accumulated around under leg area and tight pants may result in wounds on the thighs.
Make up-
We know a woman wants to look her best, no matter whether she is cooking in kitchen, working in office or in gym. Try out to have a beautiful and cleansed skin by having healthy diet and a good workout session. Beauty is with beautiful skin, not with a makeup on. And logical reason behind not to wear makeup in gym is oil, dirt and sweats by sebaceous glands under a makeup may cause you irritation, acne or pimples.
Best footwear is also important along with best gym clothes for ladies. Try to wear flat shoes or sneakers in good condition for especially tread mill, though foot movement is involved in almost every exercise.